Apply to join EDUCATE

The EDUCATE programme combines our expertise in educational research methodology and business development to support entrepreneurs wishing to make an impact in education.

In order to be considered for the EDUCATE programme, we will review your application against the following three criteria:

1. Can your product or service be used to support educational objectives?

This includes technology products or services which have been designed specifically for education, as well as technologies that are not confined to education, but could be adapted for educational purposes.

2. Is your company incorporated in London?

If your company is not currently incorporated in London, but you would be happy to do this, please do apply – our delivery partner F6S can support you to incorporate once we have reviewed your application. Please note however that this is an essential requirement for joining the programme.

3. Are you research-ready?

By research-ready, we mean:

  • you either have a product or service that you have taken to market and want to continue developing, or you have a concept for a product or service and have begun taking steps to validate it; and
  • you are willing to engage with academic research as part of your product or service development.

Once your application is checked and confirmed as authentic, and we think your idea has potential, we will invite you for an initial Skype call and if this is successful, for an in-person interview.

Apply to join EDUCATE

If you would like to speak informally to one of our team in the first instance, please contact BESA.

Not quite ready to apply?

If you’re not yet ready to apply, but feel you may want to in the future, we recommend you sign up to our mailing list. This will help you stay up to date with latest developments in the EdTech sector, as well as giving you access to events with experts in the field that could help in your development.

Upcoming cohort dates

Cohort 7 5 November 2018
Cohort 8 11 February 2019