EDUCATE’s headquarters is UCL’s Knowledge Lab, an interdisciplinary research centre at the UCL Institute of Education, which is renowned for its excellence in education research and recognised internationally for its world-class education.

At the UCL Knowledge Lab, our aim is to understand and design ways in which new digital technologies can transform learning and teaching. We provide physical and virtual spaces for programme participants, as well as a research expertise and training.

What makes EDUCATE a unique project in the EdTech sector is the quality of its collaboration. Our partners bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise.

EDUCATE is a collaborative working partnership led by UCL Knowledge Lab and which includes F6S, the British Educational Suppliers’ Association and Nesta, match-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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UCL Engineering

Engineering at UCL, which is home to the country’s leading computer scientists and engineers, will support the project with technical mentorship and commercialisation.

British Educational Suppliers Association

The British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) is the trade association for the UK’s world-leading education suppliers, working to drive up standards of education world-wide. New and emerging companies can participate in BESA’s Launchpad Service, which offers training, networking and research opportunities.

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F6S helps businesses to grow. It is the world’s largest platform for business founders, delivering funding, grants, opportunities and services to millions of entrepreneurs and start-ups globally.

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Nesta is a foundation that boosts innovation, reaching out to mentors, business professionals, accelerators and start-ups. It helps people and businesses build on their potential, to develop their ideas and concepts, and to solve the big challenges facing the world today.